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LAW483 M14R-Series Replica USGI Military Stock Options
At First Glance, You Know It's a LAW483™, and You Know It's YOURS!

LAW483(TM) M14R1(TM) X-Fancy Maple, Field-Match



We currently offer two different GI Replica stocks.
  • LAW483 M14R1 GI Service Rifle Stock
  • LAW483 M14R3 GI Match Rifle Stock

We build our first replica stock many years ago at the request of a customer who wanted a GI type stock with no selector cut-outs; but, he wanted this stock made out of exceptional wood.  Our customers are looking for custom fit and features that they can't find elsewhere.  The LAW483 M14R Series stocks offer a True GI Profile, but with a fit you don't get in a drop-in GI stock.  On both our Service Rifle Stock and our Match stock we started with a GI stock as the pattern then filled the selector cut-outs to make them fit nicely with semi-auto M14 types and Springfield Armory M1A's.    We have several options, and the wood and laminate options are incredible!  Try to find a GI stock in Myrtle wood! ...or Extra Fancy Maple!  ...or Onyx Laminate! 

Our LAW483 M14R1 stocks are only made as Field-Match stocks that are match fit with a Unitized Stock-Liner and are field strippable.  The M14R3 is made as a Range-Match stock that requires bedding.  For a full description of our Field-Match and Range-Match stocks go to the Product Options Page.

LAW483 M14R1Lightweight Forend USGI M14 Replica Stock

We used a GI wood  service rifle stock as the pattern for this stock.  We filled the selector cutt-outs to make it fit nicely with semi-auto M14 types and Springfield Armory M1A's.    While we had the 22" standard profile barrel models in mind when we designed this stock, the Scout (18") and SOCOM (16") models are are well suited for this stock as well.  The Medium Weight Barrel models are OK in this stock, but we really recommend the M14R3 for those to optimize accuracy.  We do not recommend the M14R1 for use with lugged receivers, for those, use the M14R3 as it's based on the oversized GI National Match stock.

M14R1(TM) Extra Fancy Maple
GI Swivels, M14 Butt-Pitch, M1 Garand Buttplate, #1 Handguard

LAW483 M14R3Heavy Weight Forend USGI M14 Replica Stock

  We used the GI National Match oversized stock for this pattern.  We filled the selector cut-outs to make it fit nicely with semi-auto M14 types and Springfield Armory M1A's.  This stock is designed this stock for use with heavy barrels like the Super Match, M21, and M25 models.  This stock is also pre-cut for use with Rear Lugged Receivers.

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Contact Information

P.O. Box 2892 Weatherford Texas 76086  | Phone: 817-441-8483 | law483@yahoo.com

Ordering Restrictions

We do not ship outside the US or sell to non-US persons.  We will not honor any legal exemptions for Military or Law Enforcement in a state that has made a product illegal for it's citizens.  If it's not legal in that state, we will not ship it there.

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